Saturday, February 26, 2011

poem of the day 02.26.11


the windows
of this gray world
sure, i have opened them
to the stench of
the new day

and i have felt


as i watched the rain puddle
on the street
the women in housecoats
smoking cigarettes
waiting for their shivering dogs
to shit

the breath of the joggers
as they stretch hardened muscles

and the work people heading
toward a certain, crystal death

oh yes
i have opened up the windows
of the gray world

and i have listened closely
as the morning dove sings

so what?
so what?

before it dips its head
searching for that first worm.


Jason Gusmann said...

the work people heading toward a certain crystal death - the others wishing for a more effective crystal meth

John Grochalski said...

jason...i like it. wish i thought of that.