Monday, March 7, 2011

poem of the day 03.07.11


on the couch
red eyed
water eyed
bloody snot
blowing like
a whale hole
out of my nose
heavy headed
sore throated
a glass of wine
that i can’t drink
listening to footsteps
from the neighbor above
rap music
playing in a car outside
and a man
on his cell phone
in front of my window
arguing with a service rep
on the other end
speak english
do you speak english?
i get up
and grab the dictionary
off the bookshelf
just as the wednesday
garbage pickers
begin their glass symphony
of beer bottles
i look up the word
which is an adjective
consisting of land
and water
in essence
of the earth
then i put the book back
and decide
on that wine
after all.

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