Tuesday, March 29, 2011

poem of the day 03.29.11

talking political turkey mouth

red faced

as the masses stuff dead animals
down their throats

as the nightly news argues
hollywood harlots

we silence each other
with our own bullshit

hush with our fingers to our lips
covering over all of those opinions
that stink like assholes

find our tongues are heavy
from swirling pennies
around in our mouths

on the radio the dj tells me
how bad the rich have it

afraid to flaunt their wealth
in these times

unable to trust their fellow man
or make a friend

it must be horrid out there
if the rich have it so bad

and we listen to this news silently
as the other globs of flesh finish
their dinners

then go back to talking hyperbole
and the front page of the new york times

while i make a mental note
to hug a middle eastern tyrant
and a fortune 500 ceo

write my congressman or woman
to tell them how much
i empathize with their plight.

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