Tuesday, March 15, 2011

poem of the day 03.15.11

sitting here

sitting here
as the sun begins to set
as the young asses
of young women walk by me
as kids cry
as madness gives way to exhaustion
as cars die
as caesar dies
as people die
and hungry cats meow
as each poem begins to sound the same
as nuclear reactors smolder
as we run out of things to say
to believe
as we run out of love
out of each other
sitting here
as the employee takes one for the team
as fat, well-fed bosses slumber peacefully
as the old asses
of old women walk by me
as the last hour turns
inevitably into the next
and the new day becomes a moot point
as spain awaits my arrival
as the wine waits at home
as true as the unmade bed
as the bills wait to be paid
and the neighbors envelope me
in their noise
sitting here
waiting on the work week
running short on empathy and ideas
as dogs bark
as the world barrels forward
like a drunken blind man
at the wheel
of an eighteen-wheeler
going down the side
of a steep
and endless
heading toward a sharp

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