Wednesday, March 9, 2011

poem of the day 03.09.11


the old bat
is content to stand there
in the cold and point
at a small black dog
chained to a no parking sign

it’s her world anyway
she has all of the money
and all of the health care

so why not stand in the cold
and point at a dog

the old bat keeps pointing
at the dog
shouts to her older bat friend
and says this is disgusting

in the grocery store
the old bats have surrounded
dave the fireman
by the frozen foods
they are yelling at him
harassing dave for leaving
his little black dog out in the cold
while he shops

dave keeps trying to get
away from the old women
keeps moving left and right
trying to get his frozen peas
or carrots

but these old bats want
to create a spectacle

they’ve got crowds of us
watching now

you’re disgusting, they shout
you’re lucky no one has stolen
that dog by now, the old bats screech

i’m trying to buy groceries
but a part of me wants
dave to turn around and belt
both of this women across their mouths
send them flying into
a stack of frozen lima beans
make them pay for sucking up
those years of money and natural resources

but dave’s face just gets red
he gets his frozen veggies and heads
to the cash registers

of course the old bats
have nothing better to do but follow
shouting to all who want to hear
about the poor dog
chained to a no parking sign

i want to shout about
social security and medicare
but i hate getting political
on a saturday afternoon

so i get behind dave in line
his neck is red and he has a rash
i hope he doesn’t turn around and see me
because i wonder if it’ll be awkward
the next time we’re both at the bar
and his little dogs is running around

one old bat keeps pointing
and shouting at him
while the other one goes outside
to stand with the dog
telling every passerby the horrible tale
of the sad little beast
and his asshole owner

dave stands there and shakes his head

ah, the greatest generation
you’ve done so much for america

when will you all finally be dead?

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