Friday, July 1, 2011

poem of the day 07.01.11

giving the cunt upstairs
a little bit of class

i’ve discovered
that the cunt upstairs is a morning person

she likes to have her television on
to greet the sun

while i’m having my coffee
and trying to write poems

the cunt upstairs likes to pound on her floor
and squeak on her bed

as the morning doves sing

an hour ago i awoke
with the cat’s ass in my face
and dried vomit on the blanket

while the cunt upstairs
was getting the weather report
and laughing at an old sitcom

i don’t particularly like
the cunt who lives upstairs
even though we’ve never met

i hate her television
and the ways she walks

but i’ve decided
to do be a good neighbor anyway

i have the radio tuned to the classical station

bach’s brandenburg concerto no. 2

playing so loud
that i can hardly hear her television

happy to be giving the cunt upstairs
a little bit of class

at such an unseemly hour.

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