Monday, July 11, 2011

poem of the day 07.11.11

the day derek hit 3,000
(a parody made with love)

it is 5:20 in new york a saturday
five days days before bastille day,
i’m almost sure it is 2011 as i move toward to the bar
on st. marks place that i’ve been coming to since 2003
for a few beers and popcorn and then straight home to dinner
for chicken curry and red wine with the wife

we walk down the muggy streets drenched with sun and people
and drink overpriced bottled water and talk van gogh
and ugly video art at the moma and travels home
to see what the poets in pittsburgh
are doing these days
and my wife (first name ally short for allyson)
tells me the same story about work that she told me yesterday
and in st. marks books she gets the collected tim dlugos
for us with an introduction by dave trinidad although i do
worry about our bank account, the movies i want to see like
pedro almodovar’s new movie or godard or midnight in paris
by woody allen, because movies don’t stay too long in theaters
these days thanks to dvd an online piracy

and after that we just stroll into the grassroots
tavern and ask for two drafts of budweiser and
the popcorn and go back to talking about the moma
when i casually ask the bartender if derek jeter
got his 3,000th hit, and he tells me jeter went 5 for 5
and i dream of sunday morning’s new york times with his face on it

and i am smiling a lot by now and thinking of
sitting in right field in yankee stadium
watching as he chased a line drive into the stands
to save a run and everyone and i stopped breathing

to read the poem i so lovingly and blantanly ripped off
for this little parody, here is a link to Frank O'Hara's
The Day Lady Died


flipina said...

I love ur poems, some not, srry but sometimes u can't get the great poem, I know it self to, but do u ever read my poems, or am I boring? Sorry I'm just a kid that love to write poems and read poems...
XXX Flipina or someone else

John Grochalski said...

Flipina (maybe?) you've never provided me with a link to read your poems, and i am too lazy to go through this blogs followers.

i often do not like many of my poems as well.

flipina said...

Oh srry, for that, I never thought that, (Flipina is not my real name, I call myself here)
So here's a link for my blog, some are in dutch so I think u can't read it, but maybe u read it now!

PS: I am dutch...
That's dutch for doyouknowwhatImustdo, ok?

flipina said...

Sorry for my late comment, I tougth u don't let see it to the world... Flipina is the way I call me here. Now here is the link:
If u wanna now what it means that weetjijwatikmoetdoen: DoyouknowwhatImustdo
So hope u like my poems.

PS: Mostly are they in dutch, some in English a couple in French and Germanys(Sorry I don't know the word for that.) U can translate it, but maybe it is in a other way then in Dutch.
PPS: Hope u aren't to lazy to read them!

flipina said...

Oepsie, srry for that many comments, I thought it doesn't work...