Tuesday, July 5, 2011

poem of the day 07.02.11


i sit in the half-light
watching the cat sneeze torrents of snot
hoping that she doesn’t have a seizure and die

because i’m too lazy to buy
a light bulb or call the vet

this city is still going to hell
threatening to close firehouses and libraries
trying to layoff teachers
with grades dropping like flies
when no one can pay the rent

but i’m too lazy to vote
too lazy to make a phone call to the mayor

too much of sloth to get up
off the couch and get in the fight

i’m indolent, i tell you

i was supposed to call off from the job today
but i was too lazy to pick up
the fucking phone and do it

i sit and watch the rain
come through my window
but i’m too lazy to leave this poem
to go over and shut it

see the cat vomit on the floor
it can stay there

the world keeps trying to give me its love
and i’m just too lazy to accept it

my old man tried to give me wisdom
but i was apathetic to its merits

my mother tried to give me religion
bless her soul
but i was too lethargic to pray

the cockroaches and flies
are dancing sambas around the kitchen
because i’m too lazy to sweep up the crumbs

i’ve got tape covering up holes in the linoleum
and books holding up the living room window

the superintendent’s apartment
is right outside my door
but i’m too lazy to get him

let the recyclables pile up for weeks
because i don’t care
let the laundry boil and mold

the elevator takes an eternity to get to the basement
and i’m too lazy to try and find the stairs

i’ve let the magazine subscriptions lapse
left the mail in the mailbox for days

the vegetables are rotting in the refrigerator
and i can’t recognize half of the things in the freezer

looking in the mirror i think i look like shit

my t-shirt has tomato sauce on it
and the hairs on my neck are beginning to curl

i’m an adult, i tell myself
i should be doing better than i am

i should be out there soaking in the sun
going to the beach and movies
meeting new people and trying new foods

having babies and buying stock

but sitting here in the half-light
as the cat’s sneezes come to an end
as the rain stops and the sun begins to filter through
the cracked and drawn blinds

i know that in the end
i’m just too lazy to change

and i guess that’s fine with me.

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