Tuesday, July 26, 2011

poem of the day 07.26.11

packs of girls

packs of girls
sit huddled in
bright rooms
complain about
the air conditioning
complain about
the heat
can tell the
between regular
cookies and
diet cookies
eat bag after
bag of tortilla chips
say the worst
things to each
other tell the
worst stories
about each
other tell
each other
to shut up
call each other
cunts and whores
laugh at
fat people
laugh at
boys laugh
at old people
laugh at
their parents
talk about
and how they
get so bored
that all they
can do is eat
and watch
worry that they
are getting fat
tell their friends
that they
are getting fat
make fun of
smell each other’s
breath to see
who has the worst
drink coca-cola
by the gallons
have no
inside voices
watch the dumbest
read the worst books
pack of girls
are like aliens
stalking this planet
trying to claw
out each other’s
hearts and minds
packs of girls
become packs
of women
who do the same
terrible things
to each other
packs of girls
make me glad
that i was born
with a sack of balls
a penis
and a shorter
on this god forsaken

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