Tuesday, August 2, 2011

poem of the day 08.02.11

people of wonder

there are those pieces
of flesh out there

you just wonder how they do it

like this one
on the evening bus tonight

talking to himself

screaming, actually

pointing and carrying on
toward some imaginary transgressor

scaring parents and children

i mean he paid to get on this bus

he dressed himself

not well

but i’ve seen millionaires look worse

he has a cell phone
the he keeps checking

somebody is paying for that bill

he even manages
to ask someone the time
in between outbursts

these people of wonder astound me

they give me fear
they give me hope

this lunatic on the bus

those crazies walking the streets
shouting into the darkness
with their shoes tied
and their faces shaved

the ones who manage to buy
a cup of coffee in burger king
while writhing in pain

the ones in the train stations
testifying with god on their side

they give me mystery
they give me intrigue

something magical to believe in

a different kind of light
to shine on this fat and dull world

they are like a different species altogether

from the other lumps of flesh
on this rolling ball of gas

the ones who always
know the time

have exact change

and never start and argument
with anyone

real or imagined.

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