Friday, August 12, 2011

poem of the day 08.12.11

unsatisfied customer

he keeps getting closer to me

me sitting there

he’s talking about golden crosses

women at the job
wearing golden crosses

he tells me that you
should have god in your heart

not around your neck

when he asks me
if i believe in god

i tell him that i believe in nothing

his eyes bulge out
of his head

he tells me that he’ll get the media

he’ll have my job

so many people
have wanted my job this year

administration people
city council members
some crackhead with rotten teeth
the mayor

it almost makes me laugh

he can have my job

so can the mayor

he keeps getting closer to me
keeps getting angrier

says we hate him
because of his skin color

he’s color me muslim

playing the 9/11 card

riding it all the way to september
like we’ve been taught to do in new york city

getting closer to me

calling me boy
big boy

which is really the only shit
in this three-ring circus
that is making me angry
this fine summer day

still he keeps getting closer
ranting about god and golden crosses

muslims and christians

he cannot believe
that i believe in nothing

wants to get the media

i hope that it’s not a slow news day

wants me put on my ass
in the street

he’s so close that i can smell his breath

it smells like american aggression

i rise from my seat
waiting for all hell to break loose

waiting for this patriot to strike.

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