Monday, August 22, 2011

poem of the day 08.22.11

the boys

the boys
sit at computers
from sun up
to sun down
in this place

life is nothing but
video games

the boys are pale
sickly looking
rail thin

they have dull faces

there is not a poet amongst them

nor a doctor
a lawyer
a ballplayer
or a teacher
for that matter

the boys
sit at these computers
playing death games
with weapons
and scopes
and crosshairs

when they are not
on front of their machines
they sit at tables
with portables devices
blasting each other
into a video hell
laughing about
whom they’ve killed

there is not a literate one
amongst them

the boys
those slobbering fools
handfed by their
idiot parents
as they press thumbs
hard onto

they actually make me fear
for humanity

doubt the future

for there is no leader
amongst their slack jawed tribe

just a bunch of future snipers
who’ll still need their
asses wiped

too dumb
to shoot straight

too stupid
to count the dead
on their weak, baby soft fingers.

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