Wednesday, August 3, 2011

poem of the day 08.03.11

bug noir

sure enough
he was resting right there

underneath a table

right where the dame
had told me he’d be

lime green

a million legs
and a million eyes
looking back at me

trying to blend in

i knew the mug

had seen his type
crawling across

a million walls
and a million floors

but this time
i had him cornered, see

i pulled out my piece

but then i thought better

i blew at him

sent him scurrying
across the tile

the dame
just looked at me

i knew what she expected

what all dames wanted

she wanted
blood and guts

her eyes looked hungry
for murder

but i just winked at her

doffed my hat

killin’s not my thing

i said

before walking away

back into
the fog of night.


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Craig said...

That was tremendous