Monday, November 5, 2012

poem of the day 11.05.12

chinese food

i get crazed
and mean
when i drink on
an empty stomach
kick the chinese food bag
because i forgot to tip
the delivery man
send the food flying
act all big and bad and surly
yell at my wife
until she calls to have him come back
piss on the floor in a rage
tell her that a guy like me
can never be wrong
about math or fairness or anything else
hang myself on my ego
like a dumb monkey
sulk outside
in the thick october air
to try and rein it in
letting the food sit neglected
refusing to eat it
until this is rectified
wasting another friday night
with my antics
so many friday nights like this
a ripped-off delivery man
or some other enraging bullshit
cold general tso’s chicken
is punishment enough
for all of the wrong
i’ve done
and wondering deep down
when will this burning lunatic
inside of me
get tired of the madness
and just settle down.


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