Tuesday, November 13, 2012

poem of the day 11.13.12

seeing the famous comedian

seeing the famous comedian
in a theater named after a famous poet

and the kid next to me doesn’t care

he’s too busy typing away on his cell phone
texting his friends about seeing the famous comedian

updating his facebook status
with the famous comedian’s old jokes

this kid is so preoccupied he’s not even laughing at the new ones

maybe the famous comedian has lost a step
gotten too soft since getting married and having kids

maybe he’s only funny in the context of his fame

i mean i chuckled a bit
and i’m certainly not bored like this kid next to me

but i’m not belly laughing either
like the assholes sitting behind me are

i’ve mostly been thinking about the subway ride home
or if i have enough whisky
for three stiff ones and a spit before i hit the bed

this kid next to me has his earbuds in
who knows what he’s thinking about

it’s certainly not the famous comedian

maybe we’ve lost a bit of our humor as of late
having gone through a hurricane
a presidential election
and a nor’easter in in just under two weeks

that’s a lot of shit to undertake

and try as he might
the famous comedian with his famous long island whine
and observationist humor
cannot get this kid and i out of our malaise
can’t lift our spirits
like he’s done so many times before

i think i’m going to give the famous comedian
a cursory snicker or chuckle

maybe a huge belly laugh if i can get it right

this kid can go on typing away on his phone
missing this and everything else

times have been so tough lately
i just feel like i want to be a part of something
just once

like seeing the famous comedian on a thursday night

and i don’t give a good goddamn
if this kid sitting next to me
wants to be so selective and aloof.


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