Friday, November 16, 2012

poem of the day 11.16.12


he reads my essay on atheism
and writes me a note

he says i’m too hard on the religious

that he likes the religious

reading this
i think this is such passive bullshit

to like everyone
is to like no one at all

he wonders if i’m a bigot
because of how i feel about religion

do i think i’m better
than the people who have god?

i think about not writing him back
but then i do

i tell him
that religion is bigoted and vile
that i equate religious speech with hate speech

and that if hating the religious
makes me a bigot then so be it

then i tell him thanks for reading the essay
and i hope you look forward to the next one
which will be on baking

and no one can be a bigot
neither i nor the religious

about chocolate chip cookies
and cheesecake.

1 comment:

stephanie clara said...

except that chocolate chip cookies are a religion on their own :)