Friday, May 10, 2013

poem of the day 05.10.13

dirty book cover

jetlagged up to my eyeballs
for nearly three days now

i sit on this after work bus
hacking from some cold
and reading predro juan guitterez

good old pedro juan
is sitting on some balcony in switzerland
trying to seduce an uptight swiss miss
by stroking his cock out in the open

it’s a believable enough read
especially if you’ve ever had your cock out in the open

but i can’t really get into the story
because these three girls keep laughing

when i put the book down to give them one of my looks
i see that they are staring at me

at the cover of the novel really

which has a cuban woman on it
not a swiss miss
in her underwear
with smeared lipstick and a fuck-me glance

the girls laugh and point
due to intrigue and embarrassment

and i laugh back at the absurdity of american morals
because the group of us live in a country
that sells neon thongs to little girls
but makes them ashamed of their sexuality on a daily basis

of course, the mother sees what the girls are laughing at
and the bloated pervert laughing along with them

she shushes the group of us

makes the girls avert their eyes
and gives me the look
before going back to her magazine that promises
orgasm after sweet elongated orgasm

so i go back to reading about pedro juan
stroking his cock in switzerland

rather than talking to the local cops
about corruption of minors on a bus

and pedro juan has that cock of his worked up
to a good lather

but the swiss miss isn’t buying it

she tells him that she’s late for work
so he goes for a walk in the barren woods instead

all hot and bothered and nothing to do about it
like he’s dead center in the good ol’ US of A.


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