Thursday, May 23, 2013

poem of the day 05.23.13

miss world

she’s at the bus stop
screaming on her cell phone

and then she’s on the bus
screaming to the friend sitting next to her
about some vulgar text message that she received

miss world
letting all of us dreary folks know how important she is

i told him nobody talks to me like that
nobody talk to me, she says
sending a warning throughout the b4 bus

miss world

with her eighteen year-old tits
and eighteen year-old ass
her eighteen year-old brain

i don’t remember eighteen year-old women
being this crass and stupid
when i was younger

but it’s a new dawn of narcissism in america
and hindsight is 20/20 anyway

and if i’m wrong in my nostalgia
then i just get to hate her anew

miss world

standing there clogging up the aisle
legs bowed like a cocky little angel

scrolling her phone
like a brooklyn high school princess who never farts

i told him to grow up, she says to her friend
grow the fuck up, she shouts

for emphasis

so badass in her catholic school plaid
she cackles her scorn
and shows her friend her cell phone

i mean look at all of these messages, she says

rows and rows
of pleasant vulgarities typed by idiot young men
who want to get inside her panties

i mean who do these boys think they are?
she says, laughing out loud

miss world

queen of the evening bus

everyone loves me too much
and that’s the problem, she says

her mouth so wide with wonder at herself

i’m willing to bet
that she’ll be sucking good administrative cock

by the time she gets
her fancy self-important ass
off to college.


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