Friday, May 31, 2013

poem of the day 05.31.13

father sebastian

we all knew about father sebastian
could tell all there was about him
by the way he walked through the halls at school

his sing-song and joyful lisp during masses
and the way he waved his hands so carefree

some of us liked to go to him to confession
to see if father sebastian would try to look at us
over his shoulder
as we told him how many times we jerked off in a day

he always had a favorite amongst us

father sebastian ran the catholic youth organization
and loved being around the basketball team

he took a liking to my friend dave
paid dave money to clean the parish grounds and the gym

but dave got wise pretty quickly to father sebastian
he quit working and never said why although we all knew

especially when father sebastian started calling dave’s house
crying on the phone to his mother for almost an hour
so concerned about why dave no longer came around

eventually the diocese got wise to father sebastian too

they moved him from parish to parish
in typical catholic fashion
thinking that a change of scenery
would fix all that was hungering inside the man

but eventually even the moves couldn’t protect
those humble god fearers from father sebastian

and when the scandals become too public he drifted south

into florida and then into cuba
where he found some solace in the politics of the gay scene
his family’s money, and in the arms of a much younger man

a few years later when they found him dead in havana
strangled and pumped full of animal tranquilizers

everyone said  that they knew something like this would happen
and that they were happy someone else got him
before he got to their kids

some news reports said
that father sebastian was into male prostitution and porn

others called him a cuban revolutionary

but in all of the parishes on sunday morning
no one said anything about father sebastian

no one even offered a prayer

the virginal priests stood at their pulpits
and told everyone how to act in order to get to heaven

and they all prayed for the usual bullshit
in typical catholic fashion too.

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