Friday, May 17, 2013

poem of the day 05.17.13


i have witnessed many fights
amongst the different races

rather i should say i’ve seen more talk than fists

the whites like to get in each other’s face
call each other bitch or dude

they shout a lot but do little else

the blacks aren’t much different
maybe they move more
make dramatic gestures, act hard of hearing
in order to have someone repeat an insult

but it is still a lot of posturing instead of violence

almost everyone makes a threat
the whites tell each other how they’ll kick your ass
the blacks threaten to put each other in the dirt

i don’t know what the mexicans, puerto ricans,
asians, and indians do

maybe nothing
or a combination of this other bullshit

today i was standing outside a boxing club run by arabs
one arab guy shouting at a pack of dudes from the club

it was the same talk
the same posturing

but the one arab guy threatened the blow up the boxing club
the other arab dudes threatened to blow up his house

i know people, the lone arab said

we know people too, the other arabs answered

then there were more threats to blow shit up
cars, buses they ride on, homes, and someone’s hookah joint

and i thought, christ, don’t any of these arab guys watch the news?
this country is just looking to grab arab guys
who want to blow shit up

you could feel the good white citizens on the street
getting hard-ons listening to this shit

dialing 911, their thumbs pressed on send

maybe these arabs should take a cue from the blacks or whites
and not threaten to blow up a city block

especially in public

maybe just go inside and handle it
in the ring

i don’t know

eventually the one arab walked away
and the others stood outside for a bit

talking shit
before they were gone too

nothing got blown up
at least not yet

and i went home to get drunk
and read my new comic books

ready to make idle threats
at all the shadows creeping up the walls.


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