Friday, September 13, 2013

poem of the day 09.13.13


the last time
the pittsburgh pirates had a winning season
they lost in the national league championship
for the third year straight

atlanta that time

i punched a door in my home so hard
that it and i are both still seeing stars

that was 1992
i hadn’t even had my first piece of ass yet

now those bastards
have won their eighty-second game

and counting…

twenty-one years of futility
has gone down the shitter
where memories and bad luck often go

while the good luck stays hidden in the rafters

the season isn’t even over yet
i’m officially rooting for the above average now

who knows what’ll happen
to them or me in a month’s time

if i were cesar vallejo i’d say
maybe death?

at least some kind of decline

but i’m hoping for the slow roll into the post-season
for a team and especially for a city
long deserved that kind of glory

of course there is still that playoff curse

but i’d like to think
that i’ve matured some over the years

the last thing that i punched
was a new jersey railroad ticket machine
back in 2007

my left hand still hasn’t completely healed
from that one

but…old habits die hard

it would be unwise of me
to underestimate the rabid, american sports fan

even if he is me

because if past history is correct
then i’m a glutton for punishment

doomed to repeat my mistakes
over and over again

and i’ll admit that at times
when at my highest and lowest

the bathroom door in this apartment
circa 2013
has had the word fistfight
written all over it.


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