Tuesday, September 24, 2013

poem of the day 09.24.13

a pleasant shopping experience

i go into the supermarket to escape the heat
and the cold is so heavy
i think i could skip work and stay there all day

there is a young hispanic couple
with a full cart of groceries

fruits and meats
tons of baby food and diapers
those huge bundles of toilet paper and paper towels
that seem to drive senior citizens mad
with purchasing desire

the young man is common
t-shirt and baseball hat cocked sideways
bullshit tattoos up and down the arms and neck

i watch the girl for a while

short shorts with the tips of the pockets showing
and the ends of her ass cheeks hanging out

spaghetti strap shirt showing her pierced belly button

the guy catches me looking
so he pushes them along

i mean he’s batting out of his league
but my old, married ass is no threat

they’re clearly family

i think how hard it is for young kids these days
trying to make it in this precarious economic climate

babies having babies and all of that shit
staying together through the thick and thin of it

the young kids go and check-out
while i grab enchilada sauce and tortillas

i catch them again at the checkout line

the guy playing on his cell phone
while the girl packs the cart

bending over all of their groceries
to stack blue plastic bag after blue plastic bag

and giving us more of her beautiful ass in the process

when she’s done she leaves her man and walks outside
probably getting the car,  i think

but when i head out into the parking lot
she’s just standing there waiting

arms crossed and legs cocked

when her man comes out he pushes the full cart to the side
like they’d just purchased a case full of dog shit

scaring an old lady putting her coupons in date order

he storms over to the girl wagging his cell phone
don’t you walk away when i’m talking to you, he says

her front shattered
she recoils upon instinct
dissolving this dream of domestic bliss

making it just another ugly american statistic

you fucking bitch, he continues
as packs of people being to rubberneck

embarrassing me about money in the grocery store
who the fuck you think you are?

but she says nothing in return

being with a guy like that
she probably has no clue how to answer
such simple philosophy

at least not after a pleasant shopping experience
such as this.


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