Monday, September 23, 2013

poem of the day 09.23.13

another tough guy

he’s so simple
he writes himself

another tough guy on the evening bus
shouting curse words
and threats into his cell phone

this one is apparently a drug dealer
because he keeps quoting prices
in between the invective

prices for a quarter
prices for an eighth

he slams his fist on the seat next to him
and shouts

nah, nah, nigga
i need that money
or i’m a bust a nigga up

he’s not even black
hell, he’s not even tan

this tough guy doesn’t need money
what he needs is a goddamned history lesson on racial epitaphs

but his act is enough to scare the stiffs sitting around us

the asian guy across from me
keeps making nervous eyes

he’s holding his cell phone
ready to dial 911 if this clown gets out of hand

but fuck him

the asian was chain smoking cigarettes at the bus stop
it got so bad that i couldn’t breathe
and had to go and stand in the rain

he could use a little bit of fear in his life

plus if you’re scared of a paper tiger
like this low-grade dipshit drug dealer
maybe you should go and live somewhere else

jack-offs like this are a dime a dozen in this town
he ranks with the cockroaches and bedbugs

he’s funny more than anything else

nah, nah nigga
i’m a be there tomorrow morning ta get my money, bitch
you bes’ believe dat

then he shuts off his phone
put his feet up on the seat next to him
and glares around the bus like he’s big shit

mr. big deal drug dealer
sitting on the B4 bus on a rainy thursday night
taking up two seats because he can

yeah, i’ll bet those guys on the other end of the phone
are all shaking in their boots

waiting for this guy to come around.


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