Monday, December 16, 2013

poem of the day 12.16.13

hello all

in case you missed the "big" announcement.  my first novel, The Librarian,
is available for purchase at and soon elsewhere.

Also there will be a book launch for The Librarian along with a book launch
for Scott Silsbe's newest poetry collection The River Underneath the City (Low Ghost Press).  Scott
is also author of the fantastic Unattended Fire.  The reading will be next monday, December 23rd, at
Modern Formations Gallery (4919 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa).  Doors open at 8pm and there is
a $5 cover charge.

Copies of The Librarian should be available then, and i will be reading the first chapter
and maybe a poem or two if possible.

okay...on to business. I am poetically BURNT OUT.  i got nothing in the well. gonna close out the year with a "best of" of Christmas/New Years/Winter
poems in the style that you've all grown to tolerate over the years.  I should be bouncing
back with new stuff come January 6th.

Have a happy holiday.

christmas tip

he shook my hand
and handed me an envelop
with a card and some cash stuffed inside

while i tried not to think
about how many times a week
i’d jacked-off to his hot wife

all of that sperm
splattered on my bedroom floor
and into paper towels

as i took her any way
my fifteen year-old mind could figure out

merry christmas, he said to me
then he shut the door

yeah, you too
i said to no one

before walking off to the next home
on the old afternoon newspaper route.


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