Thursday, December 19, 2013

poem of the day 12.19.13

the girl reading lolita

don’t bat those
thirteen year-old eyes at me
and say pretty please
because i won’t let you hang around here
until the last minute

but it’s cold outside you say
doing a marilyn monroe dip

tell you what
i’ll see your nabokov
and raise you my apathy

let’s be honest, sweetheart
if this were 1987
you and i on the same playing field
you wouldn’t look twice my way

trust me
i know
i’ve been there and back

so take your old man fetish elsewhere
stop with the cutesy act
while you’re waving that book around
because i think your comprehension skills are for shit

and yeah i know
thirteen year-old boys aren’t worth it to you
right now

but you’ll get no quarter here either

and if you don’t believe me
i could introduce you to
dozens of forty year-old women
who are just as unsatisfied as you

so stop asking me
if i like chess
or if i like lady gaga
or if i like my job

because the answer is no on all accounts, kid
and that pouty face you got going
as i try to usher you out into the bleak december night

save it for the fry cook at mcdonald’s

because you and i are done
with this song and dance

plus you got math homework tonight

i got a bottle of crown royal at home
little miss

and more years of regret to sift through

then you’ve barely clocked in
on this unforgiving planet.


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