Tuesday, May 6, 2014

poem of the day 05.06.14

some notes on american art
in the twenty-first century

we’ve been in the museum for over an hour
and i don’t understand a thing in this exhibit

it’s the usual shit that has passed for art
ever since christ left chicago

paintings with no definition or structure
sculptures that look more like sex toys

video monitors splattered with paint
featuring images of women being assaulted

in one room an artist has depictions of violence on the wall
while on the floor he has sex dolls in various positions
their plastic vaginas gaping and filled with newspaper headlines

it must be me
everyone else looks so enthralled with what they’re seeing

people are taking pictures and scribbling their thoughts
while i’m walking around looking at photographs of penises
and women being finger-fucked by someone off-camera

while i’m walking around wondering what’s for lunch

the biographies of the artists pasted to the wall
are almost novel-sized in their length

because they’ve been tasked with explaining the art
because no one understands what they’re really doing now

one artist is obsessed with crisscross patterns
another artists just loves making shapes and lines

i wish there was a painting of a cityscape or a portrait here
something worth the twenty-bucks it took to get in

something a guy like me could understand

but instead i’m treated to a painting of oblong shapes
mounted on glossy wood with heavy-duty string

because the artist spent fifteen years
trying to figure out how to mix
painting and sculpture together


i think, so this is what it is now
american art in the twenty-first century

where the method of madness
has completely overshadowed the end result

imagine if van gogh were alive!

maybe i should get on board with this wave
i mean just like the art here this poem wasn’t much to read

but it was written on
an HP AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 830 processor 2.80 GHz
with a 64-bit operating system
using windows 7 home premium
with one terabyte of memory
in its internal hard drive

and maybe that’s what really matters now.


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