Monday, May 12, 2014

poem of the day 05.12.14


6:50 in the morning
he is parked across the street
from my living room window

blasting a pop song so loud
it feels as if coming from my own stereo

this american abomination
thumbing through his cell phone
as if it’s nothing

as if this world exists at his whim
before the sun is fully in the sky

while i
racing around the apartment in blind anger
grabbing shorts and a shirt
my keys and maybe a sharp knife for good measure
now finally and fully understand how
a man can commit murder

i think
well, this is how it’ll end for both of us
as i bend to put my shoes on by the window
watching as he fiddles with his convertible rag top

oblivious and dull
a true patriot of the work week

and as i race to the front door
i hear tires screech and a last blast of music
pollute the air

and then he is gone

leaving the street as it was before
quiet and periwinkle in the dawn

until that goddamned dog next door
starts barking away at a thin breeze

at really nothing at all.


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