Tuesday, May 20, 2014

poem of the day 05.20.14

worst fight ever

it should seems strange
paying twenty-five dollars a ticket
to watch a field full of millionaires shag fly balls

it is a touch strange, i guess
what with all of the war and famine

although some people in this place
are paying in the thousands
to sit and watch the game

still there is more enthusiasm
in the hot dog and beer lines
then there is here in section 412

most of the people around me
are checking their phones anyway
hoping to be entertained by something better

but then the seats become alive when they start

two drunks
one in a NASCAR jacket
and the other wearing a hat telling me to OBEY

who knows what started it
but there they are shouting and pointing
then pushing and shoving

tackling each other like two tranquilized bears
right onto the concrete steps

no one is throwing a punch anywhere that counts

the two fighters look as though
more caught up in a love embrace

now the crowd around me is going mad
some are booing and some are cheering

a section full of cro-magnons are chanting
worst fight ever

as the two drunks continue to roll around
as security steps around them
trying to figure out how to break it up

the cro-magnons look sad
because they have not been chosen to put
flesh to bone and blood

and it may be the worst fight ever
but it is more exciting
than watching another millionaire
go down on strikes
or trot the bases on another solo home run

it is visceral and of the moment

and when security hauls the two bruisers away
they both give the crowd the finger

and when we all stand and chant


i sort of feel a part of something in this country
i think maybe i feel like the rest of you do every day

but then the inning ends
with another millionaire popping up to third

and when we all rise again
to sing god bless america

i suddenly remember where it is i am

so i leave the stands
to go and get a beer or a hot dog

to take a piss
to try to recapture a little bit of magic.


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