Friday, September 12, 2014

poem of the day 09.12.14

on her knees

i thought
that i was supposed
to sit on her knees

fourteen years-old
and i was the fattest kid in the place

some weeklong summer camp
that my parents sent me to for future leaders

i didn’t want to be a leader
future or otherwise

but i didn’t want to be lead

still i thought
that i was supposed to sit on her knees

jenny clemente
the cutest girl in the place

it was some kind of trust exercise

so i started making fat jokes
because i was good at doing that
i was a born leader at making fat jokes

i made the fat jokes
before someone could make them for me

jenny kept giving me a look
that i didn’t understand

most people laughed when i made fat jokes
it gave me an inflated sense of self despite my girth

but jenny looked sad
her leadership skill had to be her empathy

when it was time to do the trust exercise
it was jenny who had to sit on my knees

for a minute or two
her warm ass cheeks just resting there
while i wondered if they did things like this
in the white house

but then it hit me
shit, she thought that i was making fat jokes
about her

god i felt so bad
i knew that i had to establish a d├ętente

when the exercise was over
i tapped jenny on the shoulder
and said, i’m….

but she gave me the finger

then walked over to the other side of the room
toward this guy she’d been flirting with all week

mike kosinski
he was the cutest boy in the place

jenny whispered something in his ear
then the two of them stared me down

my very own power couple

looking like they wanted to bomb my fat ass
back into the stone age.


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