Tuesday, September 16, 2014

poem of the day 09.16.14

pictures of jesus

my grandma
had a picture of jesus
hanging on her bedroom wall

it was the one where jesus’ eyes were shut

but if you watched the picture it seemed
as if they were following you around the room

it was a creepy optical illusion
like watching a politician pass a vital law

my aunt had a picture
of jesus on his cross
looking down upon the earth from heaven
i think

and every time i saw the thing
all i could think was

shit, that’s a big piece of wood

the other day
i took a picture of a statue of jesus
holding the two world trade centers in his hands

i was going to put it on my facebook page
with the caption: the day jesus said oops

but i didn’t feel like
being an asshole that day

so i deleted the photo from my camera
and walked along

until i came to an intersection
with the bright sun bleeding onto the urban stage
of people scratching their asses
and waiting to cross the street

thinking this is as close
to god or jesus that i’ll ever get

so i started snapping away.        

You can read this wonderful review of my new poem book Starting with the Last Name Grochalski 
right HERE.  Thank you Ada Fetters from Commonline Journal!


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