Monday, September 15, 2014

poem of the day 09.15.14

juvenilia we

though i have a few hanging in my closet
that i never wear

i still find it strange to see grown men
walking around in t-shirts and jerseys
with another man’s surname stitched across the back

the virile american male
hoisting a pint and screaming in front
of sixteen widescreen televisions on a sunday afternoon
dressed like a kept woman in her boyfriend’s clothes

or maybe it’s just that the american male
dresses like a child to compensate for something else

like this guy on the train shouting at his woman

he must be pushing fifty
but he’s got his ball cap cocked sideways
a triple x sized football jersey on
and baggy nike air shorts that go down to his ankles

he has a gold necklace of his favorite team
that keeps hitting him in the chin
every time he turns to give his woman the verbal business

he looks angry and about ten years old
save the gray hair on his sides and the wrinkles all over

maybe he’s got a small penis
or simply has a bitch for a wife

i suppose the same argument could be made for older women
still trying to dress like teenage fuck doll queens

it’s bad fashion sense or a sign of the times

there was once a time when men wore suits for leisure
and women wore skirts in a field of play
and that didn’t make much sense either

still, i’m curious where this is going

like i wonder what awaits me
forty years from now
when they finally lock me up with the other senior citizens

will it be like it always was?
floral print and polyester handed out at the door

or will it be a room full of old sad bastards
dressed like children

wrinkled women
with suggestive phrases written across
their wide and flabby asses
and their tits hanging out for popular consumption

and rooms full of wasted men of all races
with their hats on backwards
gold chains and their underwear hanging out
listening to rap music and calling each other nigga

as we all sip soup through straws
and wait for our medicines to lull us into
a nice and peaceful rest

from our everlasting youth.


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