Tuesday, September 30, 2014

poem of the day 09.30.14


i don’t believe in writer’s block

but here i am
6:05 in the morning
and i can’t think of a thing

maybe my life is just not interesting enough
maybe there’s too much shit going on

it’s late september and hot as hell
here in babylon
it was a cool summer
but they are giving it to us in the end

everything seems flipped
on its head these days or gone backward

beheadings, drones, war, and racists in the heartland

there is more to digest
but it all ends up causing stomach pains

i can’t even get drunk right

and the philistine upstairs is blasting his tv again
maybe he’s doing it the correct way

he’s certainly not sitting here at 6:05
suffering over bad poems

sweating with music and the bad news of the world
trying to come in through radio static

he has cheery morning anchors on
i can hear their exuberance through the thin walls

there is nothing worse than cherry morning anchors

except maybe
hemorrhoids or herpes 

only in millions of cases
both of those are completely curable.                                        

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