Monday, November 3, 2014

poem of the day 11.03.14

human resilience
and the fine art of privacy

there is so much love gone wrong

on these trains
on these streets

on any given day of the week
there is a different drama being played out

some bad actor crying into her cell phone
some pouty boy shouting into his

so much love gone wrong
and played out in the public sphere

human resilience
and the fine art of privacy
being taken over by impulse and need

you see them screaming at stop lights
or shouting down the aisle in the grocery store

relationships ending between
the frozen foods and the processed meats

between tire rotations
or in line at the DMV

so many of us willing to bear ourselves
so nakedly out there

the thin line between cell phone love and hate
available for public consumption

as if we are the only ones within
one hundred miles of each other

creating and destroying
our own little universes

crowding out and contaminating
the one we’re leaving behind.


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