Tuesday, November 18, 2014

poem of the day 11.18.14

my face

my face is a thankless vessel
it does me no service

i try to be hard and aloof
but my face is affable by nature

it smiles instead of spits on strangers
it says sit down my good man
and tell me your tale of woe

it’s an affliction of mine
home to many a drunkard’s yarn

a welcoming beacon
to some lunatic on the train or bus
who has to unburden themselves of their life story
lest they burst into a million pieces

this plagued visage
trusting and honest
a boy scout’s face
the face of american good will

all green eyes and rubbery nose
and strong white teeth

a face that says
i’ll be your best friend
your baby tonight
your shoulder to cry on

instead of what it should be saying tonight
to this asshole in rudy’s bar
who keeps asking me my name

so that he can sit and spin
another novel of his own design

which is
please brother please

just leave a guy
the hell alone.

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