Wednesday, November 12, 2014

poem of the day 11.12.14

machu picchu

i have no interest
in inca ruins
but i have a well vested interest
in your happiness
i’m more interested in
the ruins that people are making
of the here and now
than some past dangling
8,000 ft above sea level
but i’m not adverse to the idea
of macho picchu
after all isn’t the point of life
to collect any and all experiences
until death?
or is that debt?
anyway in peru
they have a drink
called a pisco sour
made with liquor
lime juice. syrup and egg whites
i can imagine us
somewhere in cuzco
beneath the shadow of the behemoth
or maybe on the coast of lima
drinking them by the ocean
free of the burdens
of altitude sickness
just as well as i can imagine us
drinking a cold beer
in a dark bar
here in good old brooklyn
where the air may be compromised
the edge of the ocean
right here at our feet
my love for you
never in question
at any height.

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