Wednesday, November 5, 2014

poem of the day 11.05.14

to an unsatisfied customer

i should thank you
for bothering to read the book in the first place
even though you won it for free
and it cost me two bucks to mail it to you
while all you just had to do was
sit on your ass and wait for the postman
maybe you don’t read enough poetry
to “get it”
but you certainly took the time out of your day
to trash me on
oh…and goodreads too
a two star review?
i’m not up to your standards for sure
obviously where you come from
adorable eats adorable and
some captivated cannoli: a charmed bakery thriller
are proustian in nature
at least that’s what your reviews have lead me to believe
i’ll have to check them out
the next time someone offers to give me a lobotomy
or stick a hard cold pole up my ass
i probably shouldn’t bitch
i mean you did say
that the book was okay
granted it was no shitake happens
or squashed: why men don’t have to make our break you
you know, the kind of shit that can really speak to you
but how can i keep up with those masters
hanging around on your book shelf?
i guess you get what you pay for in this life
and you struck out this time
maybe the next time
you sign up for another handout on another web site
another freebie sent to you
from some broke jack-ass like me
trying to hustle up just one more reader
in order to make my daily suicide
in front of this machine more palpable
read the fine print, babe
see if it’s something that matches your wit
your verve
you keen discerning eye
for great literature
instead of just saying, gimme gimme gimme                              

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