Friday, February 6, 2015

poem of the day 02.06.15

on the board

they have this digital board
in the waiting room of hospitals now

it lets you keep track
of your loved ones surgery

instead of bothering the ladies working the desk

the board has the doctor’s name
the status of the procedure
and everyone that you love is given a code
instead of the board using their name

it’s very modern and chic

it’s like the boards in airports
that let you know the status of your flight

i imagine you’d find it funny
that is, if you weren’t the one
having your breast sliced open right now

it is a little bit funny
or maybe it’s just one more way
in which humanity is losing touch with each other

ten years ago when you had that gall bladder surgery
the lady called me to the desk
and told me that you were out

she told me that it was going to be all right

right now she’s playing candy crush on her cell phone
while i stand here with the other nervous wrecks
checking the change in status on the board
hoping that i even got your code right

i could use a kind word right now
some encouragement

if not for me than certainly for you

but i’m not going to get it here
so i try to imagine that you and i
are in the airport

that you’re off on one
of the one thousand bathroom trips that you take

we’re waiting on a flight to san francsico
no, new orleans

where we’ll spend the week on frenchman street
drinking and eating
fucking and listening to jazz
like two american pigs on the loose

but to be completely honest
my imagination isn’t that good today
and your status hasn’t changed in over an hour

i’m getting nervous

i need to ask someone for help
i need to tell them that this system may be modern

but what’s listed there on the board
is far from a mercy

in fact
it offers no solace at all.


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