Monday, February 16, 2015

poem of the day 02.16.15


is a type of financial
collateral to cover a credit risk

it’s the white around the edges of this page

a continental margin
separates ocean crust from continental crust

but don’t quote me on that
because i got straight Cs in science class

in iran
there’s a village called margin

in your right breast there are margins
that we need to get to

this is called a surgical margin
or a tumor free margin
plain free margin
normal skin margin
normal margin

your surgeon calls them good margins
and it’s taken three surgeries to get to them

that’s way different than a gross margin
which is the difference between revenue and cost
before accounting for some other costs

(i looked that one up)

but it might be similar to a machine margin

the distance between
a decision boundary and a data point

quite unlike a gross margin
a profit margin or a contribution margin

or this margin of safety
we’re clinging to in this office
right here and now.

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