Thursday, February 12, 2015

poem of the day 02.12.15

driving through pittsburgh in june

heading back to the suburbs
to my parent’s home

from kris and anna’s place
where there was beer and poet talk

driving through pittsburgh in june

you and i
like we used to do all of the time

when we lived there
when it was home

all of those many years ago

three days before the doctors in brooklyn
would find the cancer in your breast

i wish maybe we’d taken it slower
not been in such a hurry to go back to my parent’s

maybe gone around to some of the old places
that we used to hang out

the streets that we’d filled with love
and a lot of other things

instead of me having you make wrong turns
because i no longer really knew the city of my birth

we could’ve had a late bite
at that old chinese restaurant
that we hated and loved so much

lingered outside your old apartment
the way i did right before our first date

done something starry-eyed in the city
where our romance bloomed then turned solid

oh honeybee
if only we had known

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