Tuesday, February 17, 2015

poem of the day 02.17.15

feeback from our trip
to ford’s theatre

i’m sure we would’ve loved
to have seen where lincoln’s legacy lives
we had plans to do the whole tour
high noon
every single event
after a good breakfast at some renowned
washington d.c. diner
coffe eggs bacon history in that order
i was looking forward
to showing my wife where lincoln had been shot
the theatre museum
the home across the street where they took him after
is honest abe’s blood still on the pillow?
but see we never made it to d.c. that week
no momuments
no national gallery or air and space museum
no smithsonian or side trips to georgetown
and no long walks along the mall
they had to move my wife’s radiation appointment
you know how that goes
and her parents stayed with us for five days too
shuttling back and forth
to their own cancer treatments in the city
they don’t know about
my wife’s breast cancer
so…you can pretty much guess how the week went
but we did get back our money on the hotel
all twelve-hundred bucks
my wife played the cancer card
she told them that she was just diagnosed
it really wasn’t a lie
and who’s going to judge a thirty-seven year old
with cancer anyway?
we didn’t cancel the tour with you guys
i mean what’s forty dollars when we were given
so much back
besides the guys at ticketmaster can be cocksuckers
we took the hit on that one
to be honest i almost forgot that we’d booked
a tour with you
because things have been so busy lately
until this feedback email showed up
in my google account
for obvious reasons
i’m going to have to pass
on giving you any feedback
so there’s nothing to tell your tour leaders
and it would be silly
of me to do the survey
still, thank you guys for thinking about us
we’re thinking of trying for d.c. again
once the radiation is over
or maybe next year once the weather breaks
do the whole national capital thing
when the cherry blossoms are in bloom
and our luck seems on
the up and up.


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