Wednesday, January 6, 2016

poem of the day 01.06.16

just starting out

his laugh is insane
he IS insane
dressed head to toe
in that horrible gym class gray
teeth that won’t fit in his mouth
he laughs the way some people howl in pain
i can’t look at him
so i study the keyboard instead
q w e r t y u i o p
while he adjusts his sweatpants string
and calls the world a sieve
before he laughs his death laugh again
yesterday he wished my co-worker dead
today he has a free cell phone from some company
and is on top of the world
hallelujah, he says
at least corporate benevolence is NOT dead
still i can’t meet him eye to eye
look at those large blonde teeth
that i want to shove back in his mouth
a s d f g h j k l
he says, do you know i’ve been retired since 1969?
only he doesn’t look a day over sixty
1969…making him what?
my math skills are also gym class gray
he says, you probably weren’t even around then, huh?
laughs like murder as i shake my head
z x c v b n m
weren’t even around for the real stuff
points to the computer
says, it’s la-la land all the time now
flips his cell phone like a zippo
my god, he finally says
i’m already done with this cruel world
but you?
good luck, kid
you think you’re running the show
but you know what?
you ain’t running shit
none of us ever are
remember you’re just starting out
and no matter how old you get
in this life you’ll always be an amateur
and if you don’t know it, he says
as i finally look up
to see him shaking his phone
give me a call on this
because i’ll be happy to remind you
i’ll tell you all the time.



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