Wednesday, January 20, 2016

poem of the day 01.20.16

This may or may not be a "best of" poem. I dont remember posting this but....all the same I'm deep in novel land so the poems haven't been coming:

mit gas

in the grocery line
i’m still not sure
if i got the water with the bubbles or not

the germans have a thing about water with gas

mit gas, they say
they’ll serve it to you whether you want it or not

i’ve already figured out vodka

it starts with a “w” here
but will do the same damage
that it does back in america

the grocery store is packed but i got lucky
i’m behind the guy who only has a carton of eggs

i have to piss
there’s nowhere to piss in berlin
like there’s nowhere to piss in america

i’ve already caught three guys pissing into the street

i thought to do it myself
but in america if the cops catch you
you’re an instant sex offender

i don’t know what they do here in germany
and i’m not willing to test such an infamous land

at least i’m in a good grocery line, i think
and the hotel is only around the block

luck has its way of working out
a good grocery line can make moments

but then the guy in front of me gets out of line
he comes back with his arms full of things

potatoes, frozen dinners, oj and meat

i look back
his old lady is handing him stuff from a basket
that is piled to the top

a month’s worth of groceries
to my one bottle of carbonated water

it boggles my mind
the absurdity of this country and the people

it’s like this water with or without gas

i have to start tickling myself to keep the urine at bay
as they pile more and more on the grocery belt

underhanded germans and their secrets

the cashier seems unfazed
she’s had the same bored look the whole time

i wonder if she’s going somewhere
to get drunk after work

have her own bottle of vodka that starts with a “w”

i think if i ever get up to see her
i should probably ask about the water
so i don’t have to do this all over again

mit gas? i’ll say

try not to tickle myself while she answers
or piss all over the grocery store floor

set a bad example for the next american jack-off
who comes in here in need of a stiff drink

and is too cheap to buy one
in the fancy hotel bar.


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