Wednesday, January 13, 2016

poem of the day 01.13.16


i must’ve been
pink faced and fat
i must’ve looked like a piggy
sitting there in front of karen nelson
in that homeroom class
too fat to fit in my seat
love handles bulging over catholic khakis
i must’ve disgusted her
the way i thought i was so funny
interrupting the teacher
during math and science
karen nelson who had the misfortune
of having her last name so close to mine
behind me in almost every class
watching my red neck
and fat shoulders shake at something i said
turning back to make sure
that she was laughing each time
my pink face in her face
my fat jowls going up and down
glasses and slicked hair
double chin jiggling
a waddling abomination of adolescence
and she was so beautiful karen nelson
one of the top beauties in the class
with her olive skin and violet lips
that needed no make-up
those brown eyes that looked pleadingly at me
every time i swung my mass her way
she must’ve thought i was a pig at a trough
i bet she couldn’t even watch me eat
poor karen nelson
whom i cornered at that skate party
and asked her if she wanted to go steady
after practicing in front of my mirror for two hours
punching myself in my fat pig belly
she didn’t laugh at me then
karen nelson, you kid
the way the others standing around did
you just went off silently with the center from the j.v. team
while i stood there watching you doubles skate
chuckling at the absurdity.

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