Wednesday, January 25, 2017

day SIX

three million illegal voters can’t be wrong (approx)

or is it five million?
i can’t seem to get the figure right
can’t find the information anywhere
i wish i had the sources that the “president” has
it’s like they’re starting to say in d.c.
he believe what he believes
like in UFOs and big beautiful walls
all the same three million illegal voters can’t be wrong
riding in on their unicorns
with their lightsabers and pet orcs
to hijack the popular vote
their demon magic burning red
like a hot poker up some bloviating demagogue’s ass
at least putin can fix the vote right in his own country
obviously he doesn’t have that far of a reach here
so it takes word spins and dipshit conjuring
to fool a nation
because trump and his boys couldn’t fix a leaky sink
i think i saw those three million illegal voters
at the women’s march in dc
okay…maybe not three million
something like a million or more of them
they must’ve been illegals, right?
considering the boner mr. “president”
and his white nationalist cronies have
for taking away their rights
you wouldn’t do that to actual flesh and blood people
now would you?
upstanding tax paying citizens?
oh, where’s a fact checker when you need one
a psychiatrist or a bartender with an ear to lend
where are all of those illegal voters hiding out?
under rocks or looking back at el presidente
when he’s checking out his sherbet visage in a white house mirror
maybe they’ve all gone back to neverland to hide out
waiting on the next mishap
for our beleaguered orange-price
the perfect scapegoats to come swooping in
to grab the crown and befuddle the coronation
add a whiff of the ilegit
to the small man with his huge bruised ego
to the emperor with his crooked toupee
standing naked before truth and reason
who can’t quite find his clothes.                                    

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