Tuesday, October 10, 2017


rat dead rat

there is a rat
in the basement
someone has seen it
in the rafters
someone has seen it
hanging out by the water cooler
wanting to talk
about streaming last night’s show
someone said
that it was in the women’s room
dolling out advice
for five bucks a pop
yesterday i saw it
eating cat food
it look up at me and said
what IS this shit?
i told him it beat mcdonald’s
and he said, hell, they don’t even pay
a livable wage
someone said the rat
was a russian spy
the guy who reads the new york post
told joe
that rat ain’t nothing but fake news
everyone here
is scared of the rat
it’s all black and looks sinister
in the shadows
i told them all that it was harmless
but no one believed me
they said it was my job to call the exterminator
and get rid of it
get rid of all the rats
rat dead rat
so i called up the exterminator
and made a date
we sang each other the national anthem
and when i got off the phone
i just sat there looking at my computer screen
feeling like hitler
maybe a little bit like
the president of the united states.

--John Grochalski


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