Tuesday, May 22, 2018


no leader here

donny john
playing the long con for years
used to vomit your hypocrisy
on the piss-yellow snow of aspen
in the masturbation pages of the national enquirer
but now you do it in the highest office in the country

ain’t the death of america grand?

sixty million misguided fucks
hiding behind their skin color and money
how many opioids were those shitheads on election day?
they must’ve trucked them in
in the trunk of a NASCAR racer colored
like the derelict flag and the anemic constitution

when i see you orange man i say…
there’s no leader here
just a geriatric coward who’s spent a life
hiding behind his daddy’s money
and hollow tough talk from a high rise in manhattan
a punk-bitch who called getting a venereal disease
his vietnam

donald j. trump
gotham pariah
baby dick-tator

yet you look so slick next to bubba and jethro
down there in mississippi
hollering your horseshit in dallas
on the cowering yellow backs of the gop

donny john playing the long con for years
casino bullshit gambino
but now you call it patriotism
make america great again
by courting madmen on the world stage
letting seventy years of diplomacy burn baby burn
with your sunburnt face
and your shithead smile

the very idea of you
diminishes us all                                             

--John Grochalski

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