Sunday, May 13, 2018


                                                  Postcard from Kimberling Lake

you know the ordeal is almost over
you followed the cops finger
as a ufo in the dark, with the flashlight
burning your eyes, you just blew
000 and he asks once again
what it is you’re doing
in this part of Missouri

you know from the moment
he pulled you over for a line
violation that he was fishing
saw the out of state plates
thought he may turn up
something more
now they’re trying that other tactic
the one where they look
for inconsistencies in your story

I know stories grow upon each retell
details grow with ownership
he’s turned the flashlight off
this last question will get you
back on the road, I wish
I could have seen his eyes
when I finally said I was a poet
an artist in residence

I shake his hand as I head back
to the car, this is a police state
this is Missouri which is now
the Show Me Your ID state

--Jason Baldinger


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