Saturday, November 3, 2018


To The Men Who Don’t Understand

You know we’re talking
about a war zone, right?

Not just imagined reflections,
memories folding up from the earth in our path
like a shooting range,
not just a minefield strewn
with relics of horrors past,
but a burning, muddy, thundering battlefield,
alive and dead with danger.

We are talking
about staring in the face of atrocity,
our pasts and our futures filled
with the same threat as the present.

We are talking
about now.

I don’t know whether to plead with you
or tell you to fuck yourself.
I only know how much we need you
to understand.
Not allies, but fellow soldiers;
comrades in combat.

The grim, gory awakening
that is solidarity.

-- Samantha Clarke

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