Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Black Fly Driveby Lyrics

I can feel
pouring in
like a thousand
flickers of flame
pouring down my
eyes like a thousand
bits of worry, a night
of fury hands and
warmth kept in blankets
over our heads,
acid on our
tongues, poisoned
kisses and showers for
hours on end I can still
hear you in my head as the
world just melted and fell
when we were alone
in my room.

The news was on
and I could still
hear you
in the other room.
The news spoke of worse
than ever before
but all I could hear
was the sound of you wake
and wonder
where I was
and you fell back
to what I’m unsure
I couldn’t hear
you move or breathe
but your hand outstretched
as you lay in my bed
searching for the body
that didn’t hear what you said.

- Cristina Kennington

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