Monday, November 12, 2018



They say you can’t play with them.
They’re doing important stuff.
You’d be in the way.

They make loud noises.
They get dirty.
They push past you and you lose your balance.

Later, they like you but can’t say it.
They mumble and blush.
It’s sweet.

They ask for your number.
They call and are shy.
You feel flushed with moonlight.

They love you; you fall for it.
You don’t give them what they want.
They are gone.

Or they fall for you.
Their helplessness is touching.
You hold the power.

The power feels good.
They say they will call but they don’t.
What happened to the power?

They need you.
They will give you everything.
You are not stupid, but you fall.

You know the answers. But:
No one listens to you, girl.
You don’t know shit.

They hire you but pay you less.
They ignore your ideas
then claim them as their own.

One of them understands.
He is kind and sweet.
You join that one.

You are pregnant.
You are happy.
Your are lost in the tide of mammal life.

This is the power at last,
A tiny being needing only you.
This one will be the sweetest of the sweet.

- Tamara Madison

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